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UKFall - The UK Fireball Alliance

The UK Fireball Alliance aims to recover freshly-fallen meteorites in the UK.  Led by staff of London's Natural History Museum, UKFall is a collaboration between the UK’s meteor camera networks.


The Science

  • About 60,000 meteorites have been found world-wide

  • Only about 30 of these 60,000 were photographed as they arrived as a fireball

  • Meteor camera networks photograph incoming meteors from multiple locations

  • That allows the meteor’s path through the atmosphere to be calculated accurately

  • From this, the meteorite’s likely landing point can be estimated

  • This helps us find it before it gets rained on or very contaminated

  • The object’s orbit before hitting the Earth can also be calculated.

  • So, we have a freshly-recovered object and we know where in the solar system it came from; a really powerful combination that helps us understand the solar system.

  • Also, the meteorite’s hardness, strength, density and composition can be compared with its path through the atmosphere to learn more about the physics of meteorite and comet impacts. 


The People

UK-based members of the UKFall team are:

  • Dr Ashley King, Mineral and Planetary Sciences Division, Earth Sciences, the Natural History Museum

  • Dr Luke Daly, School of Geographical and Earth Sciences, University of Glasgow, and UK coordinator of the Desert Fireball Network

  • Sarah McMullan, PhD candidate, Imperial College London

  • Richard Kacereck, Founder, the UK Meteor Observation Network

  • Dr Jana Horák, Head of Mineralogy & Petrology, National Museum Wales

  • Dr Katherine Joy, Royal Society University Research Fellow / Senior Reader, School of Earth & Environmental Sciences, The University of Manchester

  • Dr Apostolos Christou, Armagh Observatory and Planetarium

  • Peter Campbell-Burns, Co-founder, the UK Meteor Observation Network

  • Jim Rowe , UK coordinator of the SCAMP fireball network

Overseas members are:

  • Dr Maria Gritsevich, Researcher, Docent at the Department of Physics, University of Helsinki

  • Denis Vida, PhD candidate, University of Western Ontario Department of Earth Sciences, and Coordinator of the Global Meteor Network.


The Camera Networks

The participating UK meteor camera networks are:


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